Thursday, October 29, 2009

At one of our stops on the way back from our weekend in San Fransisco

well hello followers.. soo ya been a while since i last bloged. life is tough. school is hard. work is in the way. just want to finish.. gotta have patience, one day it will happen (I hope)... so ya i went to san fransisco with one of my roomates (Danielle) took us 5 and a half hours driving... worth the drive though love seeing my mom, sister, my uncle, my cousins, and my aunt :)

when i got back i dropped my iTouch outside my car, and the next morning it was gone. now im determined to get it back from the guy who parks next to me (who i believe took it) sad.... well if if it isn't found i can get another but i still want to try hard to get it back

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Meghan. said...

cute picture!!

you're a crazy person btw.