Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meghan has been working on this larynx all weekend.

My weekend was full of relaxation to make up from the stressful week

Essay due tomorrow night. Procrastinated all day. Finnally sitting down to do it.. I hate essays!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Late night studying

I made this!! First lamb shank every made by manal assil!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

At one of our stops on the way back from our weekend in San Fransisco

well hello followers.. soo ya been a while since i last bloged. life is tough. school is hard. work is in the way. just want to finish.. gotta have patience, one day it will happen (I hope)... so ya i went to san fransisco with one of my roomates (Danielle) took us 5 and a half hours driving... worth the drive though love seeing my mom, sister, my uncle, my cousins, and my aunt :)

when i got back i dropped my iTouch outside my car, and the next morning it was gone. now im determined to get it back from the guy who parks next to me (who i believe took it) sad.... well if if it isn't found i can get another but i still want to try hard to get it back

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The roomies again...
Listening to music
Long school days/work days
Late night in and out.
Beautiful day today. I love the weather in cali.
bringing out the vest. cant wait till it gets a little colder out. never thought I would say that. I guess after having a whole summer of heat plus living in hot cali that i now kinda want a little bit of boston weather

ps by the way i love the face expressions once again.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eid sunday/after golf/ next day golf

so for the last 2 days me and my couzin who is visitng from greece have been playing golf.. im so sore.. never thought this sport would make me this sore..

I think we were using too much of a baseball form. this might be the reason why we pulled a lot of our muscles. anyways it was fun :)


Friday, September 18, 2009

Im all alone. In the apartment right now. Sad. People upstairs are being obnoxiously loud right now. not nice.

Danielle was sad she wasn't in the couch picture last night. So i took one today to make her happy. She is so entertaining with the different face expressions. :)

Home alone tonight. Kinda sad. Last day of Ramadan tomorrow. Working during iftar (breaking fast time) tomorrow. Kinda sad.

My cousin coming tomorrow. happy. My holiday (eid) is on sunday. Real happy. Last day of fasting tomorrow. happy.

Today was an okay day. Went to work. Tried to convince Luie (another worker at the place I work) to give me the day off tomorrow. Wasnt successful. Kinda bummed. But whateves. Ill live

So as i assumed i will not be picking up my cousin tomorrow by myself. Instead i will be going along with the grandparents. Do they not trust me and my driving? Im a great driver! but whateves. Im learning that life is better if i start to just going with the flow and stop getting upset at things like picking up my cousin, or working through the last day of fasting.

Today was a relaxing day. Went to class on time. Participated/went to the front of class and was comfortable doing that (when it comes to classroom situation im not the loud manal everyone knows me as.. i am shy.. i know weird)

Came home and did homework/made an amazing dinner. I got the recipe from my grandma through skype video chat.. really weird my grandma is getting really good at this computer stuff.. so ya i made lubyee and Arabic green bean dish..

Packed my dinner and went to work. Work was very quite today not too many people coming in. Out the not many people coming i did sell a watch and change a band. I love giving the customer the watch and seeing how happy they get. I helped someone out, that's how i look at this job.

Can't wait for saturday when my cousin comes.. gonna try to convince my grandparents to let me pick him up.. but with their picture of me in their head of being little girl manal who will always be a baby in their eyes... i doubt i will be picking him up

INTERESTING COUCH PICTURE TONIGHT- tried to put an object in front to see how it would focus on us.. its weird how i came out the clearest..
(another night of studying)

thank you for listening to my day
the end
(to the day)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is a ridicules photo of my self.. but i wanted to be creative and pertend that i was sleeping (just to change it up a bit instead having my big smile that i usually put on in these photos.. so ya especially like Danielle's part in the photo.. patting my head.. this was also a change in her part in couch face expression (smiling normally :))

And yay Carly is finally home to take a couch photo

Today was a good day for us.. getting things accomplished... my hectic week is winding down thank God. and Ramadan will be over on Saturday so back to my normal eating schedule soon although there are many parts i enjoy in this month i do miss eating breakfast at a regular time.

Today= Good day of mending back friendships/singing songs that all our neighbors can hear/and creating a very delicious salad (i know random but i did make a bomb salad that's really good for me, yay for tofu)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Came back to the two roomies.. still missing Carly...
I think the red bull is in affect, hence the big smile on my face..

This day was okay. I woke up to my alarm but my talent in ignoring came in affect and I let it ring.. then I felt something on my foot.... tried to think it was in my dream.. but nope it was the roomie.. she kept on repeating my name but because of my really really heavy sleeping I didn't hear her.. so she tickled my feet/only way I would wake me up.. Its impossible to wake me up.. there are many stories of my mom tyring to wake me up when I lived in MA.. pulling the covers off me and tickling me are the best options..

I need to work on this heavy sleeping.. its not getting any better

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hello my fellow followers.. haha jk.. i don't talk like that.. meg might.. not me :) jk soooo today was a very not go bad horrible day for the three roommates (meg/danielle/and me) We needed to relax so after I finished my "feast" as Meghan calls it, we went to Starbucks to study (i brought my Baskin Robbins and had some jamocca and cookies and cream ice cream that was amazing)

Now were home after being kicked out of Starbucks doing some hardcore studying (i believe all of us are studying "cough" Danielle "cough") but ya today ended well.. i love coming back to these roomies they make the day a lot better

I love the face expressions in the picture!

that's Danielle's favorite spot.. i think we should just make a name tag on the seat that says "reserved for Danielle Ringgenber"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

So I haven't been blogging that often so ya I'm gonna get back to it now.. I moved into a new apartment this year which if I say so myself, is amazing! We have been trying to make it as hoomie as possible since we moved in. With Meghan's touches and ikeas help, we have made this place a lot more comfortable then our dorm last year. I have 2 new roommates, Carly and Danielle. Thankfully everyone gets along well and we enjoy our time lounging in the living room. We have nights of working out/dancing in the living room.. Were crazy but you gotta love us.. :)

The picture is in the living room.. I have my apron on cuz I cooked a really good meal today and didn't feel like taking it off. its been like 3 hours since i made the meal. kinda like the apron. it makes me feel like a house wife :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

romiee/lady :)

I tried hard to create this with photoshop..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back in MA

Before I left cali I spent some quality time with my family. In the picture is my aunt on the right, my grandma next to her and my other on next to her. The second is a picture of me and my couzin. We were actualy laughing about the previous picture of us in the camera. We noticed how much darker then I am then her. How are we couzins idk :)

I got in a few days ago and since i got here i have done nothing but sleep.. I've been waking up everyday at 1 PM eastern time makeing it 10 AM Western time. I can't break this habit.. but ya so MA hasnt changed my house has a bit with the new furniture and arangments. Lets hope it will sell..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Im in Boston right now
Its been raining ever since I got here
Today is the firstday I see the sun
I don't know how I lived in this state fo my whole life with the weather we get
Even though I complain about this place soo much I'm still happy I lived here

Monday, March 16, 2009

Meg is starting a new business with making candles. She came home today with 12 cups that she will soon be making into candles. Today I took pictures of the candles we already have while she created her advertisements for the ones shes going to sell. The tea cup and the blue candle in the picture are hers that she made out of soy wax she ordered from ebay. I like this business shes got going its making our apartment smell really good :)

PS i have a new obsession with mochi balls (i think i finally got the word down)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

today was a relaxing day. Me and meg stayed at the dorms makin are place look a little more cozy. A new addition to our room is the TV and new light that meg found at good will.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I love my Grandma!!

Photo taken near the beach next to pepperdine university.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello.. So I'm sitting at my favorite part of campus right now wich is the freudian sip next to the USU. Bored between classes.. Should be doing some work.. but im soo done today with everthing.. No urge to even pick up a book and read

Heres my attempt to be interesting with a picture

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I woke up at 8 o'clock this morning to watch the Inauguration of Obama. Me and my roommates took pictures to capture the moment. I cant believe that we finally have a person of color as a president. I'm excited to see the changes that he is going to make and praying that they are good for the people of this world.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I haven't been writing for a long time. I gave up on this whole blog thing. I'm gonna start it up again since I think it might help me talk about my reflections on events that happen in my life. Right now what I have continuously thinking about is Gaza and the people who are dieing there. Thank god that right now the bombing has stopped for now. I just listened to a story about a man who had watched his eldest daughter get shot in the chest 12 times. The Israeli solder saw the father but he chose to shoot the daughter right in front of him. That's just cruel. I really can not believe that someone could do that. During my vacation I had a conversation with my father and my sister about how some people have no feelings. Its like they don't show any emotions. I still cannot understand how a person doesn't show any emotions.